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Today’s board game is Buzzed by What Do You Meme

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28 Replies to “The Disgusting Drinking Game – Buzzed”

  1. What a busy week we're having! Tomorrow is the premiere episode of New Element Six and I'm finally filming D&D! Who would you like to see and what characters do you think would fit them?

  2. Hey Joven, just a tip – if you're ever in this situation again, you should buy some miracle berry tablets. They should negate the taste of the vinegar and make it taste sweet. Up to you whether or not you want to share the tablets, though. 😉

  3. Hear me out: Shocktato. Electric hot potato. It comes with a warning for heart attacks. It's fun to play, but even more fun to watch.

  4. Game: if you have the biggest feat size take a drink
    Me: haha 13 men, o wait, SHIT now I haft to find some shitty juice

  5. i once brought a bottle of 100% cranberry juice to school bc i love it but my friend asked if she could have some thinking it was normal and immediately spit it out

  6. Lasercorn has a sword so if he calls it a godcast its a godcast. alsoyou guys should play watch ya mouth. it is a fun game

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