The SpongeBob Movie [Game] | Longplay (4K) 100% |


The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie (Game) [2004]
[PlayStation 2] / Nintendo GameCube / Xbox
100% Longplay
16:9 / Widescreen
4K (UHD) [3840 x 2160] 2160p / 60fps

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▬ About the Game/Walkthrough ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

This is a complete 100% Walkthrough of “The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie”

One of the best SpongeBob Games ever released.
Based on the first SpongeBob Movie and similiar in Gameplay to “Battle for Bikini Bottom” it’s an absolute fan-favourite and my personal favourite.

4K Ultra HD – Resolution with consistent 60fps and smooth Gameplay this video is supposed to give you the best possible experience of everything the game has to offer.

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  1. Levels:

    1. No Cheese (P) – 1:00
    2. I'm Ready… Depression (P) – 7:12
    3. Sandwich Driving 101 (D) – 21:50
    4. Three… Thousand Miles to Shell City (P) – 26:55
    5. Rub a Dub Dub, Slip Slide in the Tub (S) – 43:36
    6. Bubble Blowing Baby Hunt (P) – 50:55
    7. No Weenie Parking Anytime (D) – 1:08:29
    8. I'll Let You Pet Mr. Whiskers (B) – 1:13:34
    9. Rock Slide (S) – 1:17:50
    10. Now That We're Men… (P) – 1:24:37
    11. Shell City, Dead Ahead (P) – 1:49:39
    12. Name's Dennis… (B) – 2:17:10
    13. Sundae Driving (D) – 2:20:29
    14. Google Eyes and Smelly Knick Knacks (S) – 2:27:37
    15. Dennis Strikes Back! (B) – 2:35:03
    16. Welcome to Planktopolis… Minions (P) – 4:14:15
    17. Drive of the Knucklehead-McSpazitron (D) – 4:45:20
    18. Turn the Tables on Plankton (B) – 5:01:09

    100% Reward – 5:10:04
    Credits – 5:11:21

    Extras: 5:14:30
    Cheats: 5:32:30

    P = Plattforming Level
    D = Driving Level
    S = Sliding Level
    B = Boss Level


    Sandwich Driving 101 – 2:39:36
    Rub a Dub Dub, Slip Slide in the Tub – 2:51:01
    No Weenie Parking Anytime – 3:02:18
    Rock Slide – 3:15:41
    Sundae Driving – 3:32:20
    Google Eyes and Smelly Knick Knacks – 3:48:38

    I'm Ready… Depression – 3:57:48
    Bubble Blowing Baby Hunt – 3:59:53
    Now That We're Men… – 4:04:36
    Shell City, Dead Ahead – 4:07:47

    Drive of the Knucklehead-McSpazitron – 4:50:36

  2. I legit cried just watching the intro 😭 it's been SOOOO LONG! Petition for the game creators to bring it to PS5 and Xbox X series

  3. I loved this game so much in my childhood I played it everyday and wanted 100% and I did it as a child

  4. thats the first video game i ever played. It was on the playstation two of my uncle and for some reason he let me play the whole game. I was probably 4-5 years old. This is DEEP nostalgia.

  5. You know, as much as I love BFBB, I think I prefer this one over that simply because I think this game was way more challenging.

  6. Oh the memories. I genuinely home a remastered edition of this comes out in the future, just like Battle for Bikini Bottom Rehydrated.

  7. This needs rehydrated remake and make the one picture cutscenes like the introduction at the start insted of pictures it can be a full on cutscenes

  8. Plankton: And I Would’ve Gotten Away With It Too If It Weren’t For That Sponge And That Stupid Starfish

  9. For What Plankton Did Was False And Crimination Also Known As Framing Which Is One Of The Most Damaging Crimes One Can Do Another And In The Movie Plankton Had Did The Exact Same Thing To Mr Krabs Mark My Words Plankton You’re Not Getting Away With This


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