The SpongeBob they Won't Rehydrate | Movie Game


The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie game came around the time of the feature film and managed to reach platinum hits status. Using the familiar formula of Battle for Bikini Bottom, was this game destined for greatness?

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  1. There’s also a ps3 port but it was taken off the psn store most likely because of how bad it was. Amoung other issues, the game had to take the DualShock 3 input and turn it into DualShock 2 input which resulted in a 1 second input lag

  2. About that King Neptune boss fight…

    I actually discovered an exploitable glitch where you can stand on some debris and completely avoid all of the King’s attacks for the first part of the fight. Comes to show how rushed this game was.

  3. Rented this from blockbuster when I was like 7 but didn’t get too far. Creature from the krusty krab is still my favorite out of these

  4. Something I liked about this game was how Spongebob and Patrick had unique idle animations that differed between stages. For instance, in the Tugboat biker bar, Spongebob and Patrick will quake and quiver in fear, and Patrick will even occasionally mimic a chicken.

  5. 13:50 satam Robotnik roboticized SpongeBob!?! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

    also this game needs to be remade not for the fans but to introduce younger fans of the show what Stephen created and not what they not see on TV, the new SpongeBob is trying to reach back to it's roots and become seasons 1-3 again but this game perfectly describes the legacy of Stephen Hillenburg he wanted to end the show after the movie and he left Nick because they refused, that is the SpongeBob SquarePants legacy of Stephen Hillenburg: seasons 1-3 and the first movie, the new generation think their parent grew up watching the disgusting humor of what it was up until the second movie but this game being remade would open their eyes, if you 100% the game their could be a 3d version of the actual theme song and how it was animated with the words "created by Stephen Hillenburg" replaced with "in loving memory of Stephen Hillenburg"

  6. Oh my god this is the only time I’ve seen somebody bring this game up. I always found it really hard as a kid, and I played it intermittently over a couple years. Unfortunately the day I decided I was going to finish it, I put it in… and the disc no longer worked. It froze on the opening screen. My dad had bought it as a used copy, and it was already really scratched up from the day I got it so, it was bound to happen. Just really bad timing

  7. I grew up with the Gamecube version. The game was hard as shit (if you wanted to collect all tokens), but I had fun playing it.

  8. Any plans of reviewing the 3rd Spongebob game by Heavy Iron Spongebob Truth or Square? I feel like that one everybody forgets about.

  9. This game make me Spongebob fan(where Mermaidman and Barnacleboy V episode make Spongebob, Patrick, Sandy, and Squidward my favorite Spongebob characters)

    And my mega-crossover project are at first exist as the Spongebob Squarepants movie fan-sequel

  10. I have this the creature from the krusty crab planktons robotic revenge battle for bikini bottom and the gba battle for bikini bottom

  11. SpongeBob’s moves in Battle For Bikini Bottom are bubble moves and his moves in the movie game are his karate spin instead of his bubble wand, a boxing uppercut bash which is later a bomb instead of his bubble Viking helmet, an actual bowling ball which is also later a bomb instead of a bubble bowling ball, and a guitar which is later his Goofy Goober peanut guitar instead of a bubble rocket.

  12. I like the new rehydrated game but it sucks that the game breaks and you can’t fight the bosses again yet they are there aka the hit box

  13. I never played BFBB, but I played this. I looooved this game so much, so hearing that everybody loves BFBB makes me excited to play it!

  14. So much childhood nostalgia is with movie game for me, I grew up with it instead of bfbb. At the least I feel it should be an expansion for rehydrated. (Plus the slide theme in this is banging)


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