Top 5 – Strip clubs in gaming


Games have become increasingly…mature over the last few year. If you consider digital boobies in your face mature, that is. This time we visit the five best virtual strip clubs in gaming. Get out those one dollar bills boys!

5. Red Light District Strip Club – Duke Nukem 3D

The strip club level in Duke Nukem 3D is one of the most well known strip clubs in gaming. The girls in this place didn’t have many pixels to work with but that didn’t stop The Duke from spending his cash… Duke Nukem might be a pig but at least he leaves good tips.

4. Triangle Club – Grand Theft Auto 4

The Grand Theft Auto series is full of sleazy places but the triangle club in GTA 4 takes the cake. This club even has a special back room where Eastern European gangsters can take girls for a private dances. We can only imagine the kind of filth GTA 5 has in store for us.

3. Vixen Club – Hitman: Absolution

The Vixen Club in Hitman: Absolution is absolutely packed with horny guys. Even good old agent 47 likes to visit this place in disguise. One word of warning though: getting a private dance in this place can be very dangerous…

2. Afterlife – Mass Effect 2

Commander Shepard likes to visit strip clubs when he’s not busy saving the universe. In the Afterlife club in Mass Effect 2 he can see all his favorite alien dancers. And even get a private show if he has enough space bucks.

1. Burlesque House – The Saboteur

The Moulin Rouge is widely seen as the fanciest strip club in the world. In The Saboteur you can visit a representation of this place during the second World War. Gamers that bought this game new or paid for extra DLC got a special code that rendered the girls topless. Now that’s one hell of a buying incentive.

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  4. I ran strip clubs for 22 years and even owned one for a couple of years. Best strip clubs are just a matter of opinion. So many people think they know everything about strip clubs. Working on a real memoir on my life in the industry. Called “Beyond The Pole”. Also working on a YouTube channel. I opened the very first Hustler Club in San Francisco too.


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