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Hi các bạn, Trong video này Hải Nguyễn chia sẻ đến các bạn một số mẫu bánh hoa đẹp được trang trí từ với kem topping.

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45 Replies to “Top Beautiful Flower Cakes Decoreting With Topping Cream | Những Mẫu Bánh Hoa Kem Topping Cực Xinh”

  1. it’s fascinating to watch your videos.keep it up👍🏻 may I ask,what type of icing/frosting do you always use?

  2. 16:50 did she just smear red cream on the the side of a clean white cake for no reason? The whole vid was satisfying except for this part smh

  3. I also want to make flowers with whipped cream. I'm learning by watching videos. It's so pretty.💙😄👍👍

  4. Please display the nozzles you are using and their holding Angel's ..because this video an be admired ut I want to learn also from it. Please don't take me wrong

  5. Это шедевр,какой крем вы используете?Дайте пожалуйста рецепт.Спасибо.

  6. Outstanding work ❤❤❤👌👏👍👌👏👍👌👏👍 Lot's of love and support from India Hyderabad🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳❤❤❤

  7. Meu Deus que lindas decorações…💞❤👏👏 Muito muito muito lindo parabéns 💖💖🎈❤👏👏👏

  8. Today is my best friends birthday.I wish her a very happy birthday.I wish I can make a beautiful rose cake for u my friend…

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