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Stumpt plays Trash Bandits! A game prototype that is part of “Bossa Presents”. We are raccoon and fox garbagemen and we gotta collect all the trash!

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35 Replies to “Trash Bandits – STEALING YOUR GARBAGE! (4 Player Gameplay)”

  1. I'm so used to them playing by their given colors so this is kind of weird haha. Shouldn't they play in the teams of their colors?
    Like Stumpt Industries and Team Rash? 😄

  2. Hi guys from Stumpt. I havent commented before but hope you see this. I found your channel about 3 weeks ago and been binge watching your overcooked 2 videos, Diner Bros and then random ones. You guys are great and love watching your videos.
    Another funny video here too 😁

  3. I could have sworn I had seen this game before, based on the city layout, but never like this. I realised it's the city from, it's so odd to see it from a first person perspective.

  4. I love you guys and I really want to stay and support you.
    And I will always hit likes if you guys play zombie army 4 dead war campaign mode thank you

  5. I gave this game as a suggestion a while ago, I don't know if you guys looked into it based off that but either way, I'm glad you gave it a try 😀

  6. Wah that was too short! I loved it, all of the trash controls topped with a dash of competitive salt! 😂

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