US Marines REPEL Taliban ambush (BF4 Milsim)


This is solely a training session/ roleplay by 1/8 th Marine Regiment members.


1.Why was he in a chopper?

Well, it is impossible to go that far out of the map, as you would die from ‘out of bounds’. I came up with this idea in which we’ve been using it quite often, to make Operations much more realistic. It is meant to replicate a Taliban fighter up in the mountains firing PKM fire at the U.S Marines. If you have watched firefights on YT, you’d know that Engagements are rather far and 8/10 times, NATO is firing at a mountain.

2. What was the purpose of this training?

This training was meant to encourage new members to use fire superiority and suppressive fire to move to safety. The training was also lead by a new Pvt. in which we believe he has plenty of potential and so we wanted to see his leadership qualities.

3. How often do you guys face other milsims?

Quite a lot actually, I just don’t record it because let’s be honest… Milsim vs Milsim ops ends up looking more of a competitive call of duty clan going at it, rather than actual “Milsim”. These are reasons to why we enjoy doing these types of training, it is far more realistic at times compared to Milsim unit vs Milsim unit.

If you have any questions regarding the Milsim, please message me on PS4 @Nelson0111


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  1. Hey, all! Thank you all for 10k subs and the continuous support on my channel! I have to say though, I’ve been extremely busy. I enlisted in the United States Marine Corps within these past few months, thus making me a poole. I have pt almost every day, and am focusing on finishing this last year of high school left with a strong gpa so that I can move on, graduate, and head to Bootcamp.

    Anyways, expect a few more videos in the near future, but understand my situation. Thank you all once again.

  2. they do I have a theory in bf4 I think the Russian and china kill the hole us army because how powerful Russia and china combat that why u see marines wearing us army uniform and vehicle because us marines are one of the most combat in the military branch rest in peace us army 2020 and that's why u see airforce using marines helicopter since us army died airforce and marines and us navy work together to combine as one military branch. our government doesn't want to waste money on building new military vehicles so they give it to the marines and the uniform because of how us the army lost by the Russians and china military that's why u see marines wearing camo and us airforce on marines helicopter. dice have predicted the future

  3. Just remember to turn your flash lights off
    Especially if my taxes are gonna be paying your salary. Bullet sponges can't soak up knowledge, you'll feel right at home in the marines.

  4. It's funny how everone one here talkes so much shit on how the combat isn't good and complain about half the the video ppl it's fucking battle not arma 3

  5. Extreme cringe, especially with the fucking cadence at the beginning lol. Do you really think the military's like that m8?

  6. Hope you realize the M16A4 is not used by Marine Infantry units anymore. And was never fielded with the M320 GLM. Also. You were issued an ACOG. Use it. Not only is it dumb not to aim, but it also has a bullet drop chevron so you can find out how far your targets are away. Also, why do you have your flashlight on? Either turn it off or don’t run a PEQ.

  7. With this playstyle I would suggest Holdfast: Nations At War for you guys. It's about applying as much inaccurate fire as possible and coordinated movement. Its a great game and should fit you perfectly.

  8. I love Saudi army 💚💚
    I love USA army ❤❤💙💙

  9. Marines don’t just randomly sing while in combat, their position can be reveled to the enemy.


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