What is the Hardest Pokémon Game?


Today Woopsire and I take a look at what we believe to be the hardest Pokémon games. There’s a lot of Pokémon games, so if you think we missed any feel free to let us know in the comments. If you want to check out what Pokémon games are the easiest, check out Woop’s video!
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VIDEO CREDITS (in no particular order)
►Pokémon Sword & Shield Nuzlocke:
►Pokémon Black Gameplay:
►Pokémon Ranger Gameplay:
►Pokémon Emerald Gameplay:
►Pokémon Emerald May Speedrun:
►Pokémon Emerald Wattson Battle:
►Pokémon Emerald Rayquaza:
►Pokémon Diamond Gameplay:
►Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky Destiny Tower:
►Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky Zero Isle South:
►Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky Gameplay:
►Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky Darkrai Battle:
►Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky Froslass Battle:
►Pokémon Colosseum Mt Battle:
►Pokémon Colosseum Gameplay:
►Pokémon Crystal Gameplay:
►Pokémon Y Gameplay:
►Pokémon Sword Gameplay:
►Pokémon Ultra Sun Gameplay:
►Pokémon Let’s Go Pikachu Gameplay:
►Pokémon Mystery Dungeon DX Purity Forest Gameplay: Me

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  1. Wow did Callum actually put effort into a video? Hope you guys enjoyed. Leave a like and feel free to give me some suggestions on other videos you'd like to see in this style. I had a blast making this.

  2. …then after a rough battle with your dad…

    Yes. After a certain point in emeralds story, in order to progress you have to fight your real life father

  3. I find it weird you talking about those battles in pokemon mystery dungeon explorers of sky when I definitely had the most trouble with the fight against the entire guild, all the other battles weren't easy but I could get through them in a day or so

  4. The first game I played was platinum when I was like 5 or 6 and I didn’t know how to use cut so I got stuck after the first gym🤦🏼‍♂️😂

  5. The games should include a difficulty setting that adjusts things like exp gained, damage done, damage taken, prize money given, HP, EXP share etc. Newbies and speed runners have easy mode and more experienced players looking for a challenge get more of a challenge. There are people who play Kingdom Hearts games at level 1 critical no damage, so a hard or critical mode Pokémon would be well received. Perhaps customisable difficulty, which includes the things mentioned above as well as inverse battle mode across the game. It’s not a big thing to implement and will challenge the type match up muscle memory, perfect challenge for those who can type match up in their sleep.

  6. I saw a strategy for battling Ultra Necrozma involving having a full team with a Mimikyu that knows Toxic at the front of your team & hitting Ultra Necrozma with Toxic so while its busy sweeping the rest of your team, Toxic continues to stack more & more damage so when it eventually gets to your last 1 or 2 Pokemon, it'll be one more turn of taking poison damage away from being defeated. But I would have to keep soft resetting because Toxic would keep missing for no reason.

  7. it’s a shame no one talks about pokemon rumble and pokemon rumble blast, the advanced s rank arena and ex rank arenas were hell, along with rumble blasts postgame

  8. I'm playing Pokemon Black with a randomizer nuzelocke involved, added with moves being random types and powers, as well as the pokemon themselves being different types. Items are randomly shuffled, TM's are random, trainer names are random. Basically Ghetsis has caused the land to go out of wack, and you the player need to stop him with your choice of three elite starters.

  9. ultra necrozma was fun
    it wiped out most of my team except for my incineroar
    with both of them of them on their last bits of health, i finished off necrozma with a darkest lariat
    i imagined it being like my incineroar suplexing it into oblivion on its last bit of stamina

  10. oh boi that primal dialga fight. was around the same time i accidentally found those special episodes in the main menu (couldn't speak english back then) and when i was trying to look for more of those special episodes. i accidentally deleted my save game after weeks of trying to beat primal dialga. my initial response to this was shutting off my ds. crying and giving it to my mom and saying "i don't want to see this ever again"

  11. I just beat black and white with a serperior a freking seperior the worts starter in unova anyone win pokemon black/white with a freking superior?

  12. I honestly LOVE when the games continue even after you lose a rival battle. It makes it feel like they're a real rival, instead of an obstacle to overcome for the story to progress

  13. The hardest for me was HG/SS just because of the Red battle. His Pokemon are literally military grade tanks

  14. Usum and sm were easy except for ultra necrozma but I was less under leveled than most people and how did u lose to hau lol

  15. Kinda surprised to see no mention of Pokemon Conquest. The main story was no cakewalk and some of the Endgame scenarios would regularly kick my butt, and level grinding to evolve Pokemon was even more tedious than the main game, leaving you reliant on the warlords, who were difficult to recruit.

  16. I’ve never beat a game other than Sword and Shield, but I got through the Alolan elite four. Couldn’t get past them in any other game..

  17. I stopped after the ds games but im gonna get a 3ds now so i can play all the new ones. Thats 3 whole games at least.

  18. one question…Why did you says that the original red and blue rescue teams were harder than DX yet you didn't include them on the list okay.

  19. I always found heartgold and soulsilver to be kinda hard just because it really makes you grind once u get to lvl 40(unless u only play with your starter so its like lvl 70) as to the other games u can reach high levels or enough to beat the game once u reach the elite four

  20. How I beat Purity Forest in Blue Rescue Team as a 12 year old is beside me. Wish I could remember tips and tricks..

  21. I'm playing through Moon right now, and i have to say this game is a MASSIVE improvement to ..hell, any of the other games imo. the Pokemon refresh mechanic is very enjoyable for me giving beans and petting my Torracat and Wingull its fucking adorable!, the pokepelego is cool because it gives your boxed pokemon something to do, which is nice. but fuck me sideways some of the battles you face are fucking annoying.

    Thats not a bad thing either i'm not bashing the game, it's just, amagine, going through Ruby/Sapphire Diamond/Pearl Black/White, and just walking through them, and then you play Sun/Moon and get wiped by some random ass trainer with a fucking Magnemite. like, WTF man? yeah, theres no soloing this game. smh :[

    (Side note)
    I think the only thing i have a bit of an issue with is those ride pokemon. i wanted to surf on MY Gyarados, not a fucking Lapras thats fucking dumb imo. although i do see the need and i understand why its there, but it should be an optional thing, like if you want to rock pokemon that can't learn surf then yeah use the Lapras but i trained a magikarp to a Gyarados with the express purpose of being able to ride on it, but NOPE fuck'in lapris smh >:/ stupid.


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