Why I Don't Like Game Grumps II – Arin Actually Made It Worse Oh My God


FIRST VIDEO – Why I Don’t Like Game Grumps Anymore | Chat-Mort –

Sr Pelo’s video – Every StoryTime Animation –

THESE ARE JUST MY OPINIONS. You are entitled to completely disagree with me. Not all fans of Game Grumps are a vindictive mob, and I do not intend to imply that they are. A lot of my friends adore them, and their preferences are just as valid as mine.

As you may know, I’m not a fan of the Game Grumps. I used to like their channel a lot, but many things the members have done to their friends and fans alike have alienated and disappointed me.

I covered my main grievances in my prior video, but not long after I posted it, an animator called Sr Pelo posted a video poking fun at “storytime animators”. He explicitly stated in it that it was meant to be lighthearted and that he’s fine with people liking the genre.

Arin Hanson, one of the cohosts and the “boss” of Game Grumps, replied on Twitter to Pelo and criticized his video as cruel. He asserted that the similar criticism he received back when he was an animator didn’t help him and instead made him feel horrible. In response to the replies he got refuting his statement, he belittled and smeared Newgrounds artists and continued to attempt to speak for all storytime animators – many of whom liked Pelo’s video and weren’t offended by it. Many of the friends Arin has pushed away and insulted replied to him and refuted his claims about the fragility of his ego, and dozens of people pointed out the hypocrisy of a man who makes his living mocking other people’s creative works – video games – wielding his massive, militant audience by condemning someone else’s mild criticism.

These are my opinions on Arin’s blatant hypocrisy, dishonesty, and cowardice, including the unbelievably vindictive things his wife Suzy does continuously to her fans and associates.

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  1. Oney is also a decent human, unlike Arin who regularly uses his fans to harass detractors. Their official reddit is heavily redacted hugbox too.

  2. this man is fucking disgusting. i had no idea about all of this and it has certainly changed my views on the game grumps!

  3. I'm pretty sure there's a difference between having the intention to make someone laugh by having a bit of harmless fun, then there's people who will make others laugh at your expense. I think the only time I've heard Arin on any episode lay into some properly is on Wind waker where he was talking about Kat Von De "I love this city", but that was just funny 😂 Arin has done nothing wrong in my opinion and I've been watching his stuff for years. I don't know/don't care what goes in his personal with other people… As I don't know him 😂 I feel like fans are the cause of a lot of shit. And I'm sure people making these videos wouldn't like people outting them on personal shit that they've done😂 you said at the beginning of the video "unless something interests me or fascinates me, I won't milk it for views"… Idk but that seems to be exactly what you did 😂 if you didn't care, why make a 24 minute video bashing on Arin?😂 I dont know them personally, which is how I like to keep it 😂 they're dudes I can relate to. Yeah they're maybe shitty things said online, but unless arin has killed a man or anything along those lines, I don't care 😂 people need to drop all this negative crap man. It ain't what I wanna see on YouTube 😂 people really would never act this way if there was no computers

  4. Hey a lot of this kinda sounds like bullshit you don't have evidence for and pandering, but like, you also stumbled into some good points.

  5. There is nothing wrong with Arin. He's responsible for multiple employees and putting food on their tables. So ya, Suzy might be a bitch at times, and they might be more worried about making money. But that doesn't mean he's a shitty person. i will ALWAYS support them. You can't just drop someone for a few imperfections. I know for a fact id be pissed off too if someone talked about their life for 30 mins straight, especially when i'm trying to make money.

  6. I feel like your first video on them was better. This one felt more like you were mixing emotional assumptions with genuine criticisms whilst the first one felt more level headed

  7. They’re human. They make mistakes. They don’t always regret choices they make because of stress. Dan is not a puppet. Dan is trying to be as helpful as he can toward his best friend because he mows what he is going through. Arin is stressed. He is having a tough time. He doesn’t want to be head of the company, but he pushes through. He has his wife and best friend to keep him going. He is able to get better and he is able to feel guilt and sadness and result to other things because he is human . He is a good man who is just trying to make it through life. He didn’t ask to be the head of a company, in fact he didn’t even start out as one. He was a just a dude playing games on a couch with his friends. But now he’s had to take that small activity into a huge thing and it’s not what he envisioned or wanted. Dan is helping him through this because that is his best friend and he wants to see him happy, not down a dangerous road. Suzy is helping him through this because that is the love of her life and she will always make sure that he is happy no matter what. Arin is trying and you can tell that he is. Arin is making sure that others are happy. Others may argue that he shouldn’t have been rude or he should’ve at least apologized. Remember, people don’t immediately regret everything. They don’t see the other person’s point of view. He isn’t going to be perfect because he can’t do everything the way others want him to. He does things the way he wants to. Dan isn’t held back. Dan isn’t a puppet that is used by Arin. He does speak his mind, quite often actually. He just is so good at heart that he knows that sometimes he says things that can hurt Arin because he knows Arin well enough to know what can actually hurt him and what he would just laugh off. It’s okay if you don’t like Game Grumps, but it’s important to remember that these people are still human, not a movie you can review carelessly without considering the people’s feelings or how the words that you type can effect them. Let him climb back up the hill and stay there to place his flag. Don’t push him down the hill by telling him his faults and then telling him that he can’t improve. Because he can. Don’t give him every little bit of criticism and then walk away without expressing how this behavior can be changed or and improved. He can’t get better if you can’t tell him how. He may have little hope inside of him, but if you can tell him that he can do better and help him through it instead of picking apart everything and then throwing him to the ground then he will become someone better. He has taken so many hard long steps to get where he is and it would be a lot more helpful to him if instead making him feel worse, you gave him hope to continue doing what he loves.

  8. Both your videos on the Grumps confirm that the more I found about Arin, not only does he get worse, but I appreciate OneyPlays more

  9. I really love oneyplays and srpelo I already didn’t really like gg but this is it I was so pissed about the dingo dong thing and the sr pelo thing. I loved how oney and other people standed up for sr pelo

  10. Imagine getting your alt/rant account where you talk shit exposed by your ex-editor responding to it lmao, thanks for something, Matt "the brat" Watson.

  11. This makes me so sad, they’re the only people getting me through quarantine and now I learn that I’m supporting bad people, thanks for making me aware of this. I can’t believe how bad of a person I’ve been by supporting them

  12. You are basing so much of this in assumptions and your apparently superpower intuition arin did some bad stuff but they are not as bad as you make them out to be also him and dan are not puppets they can think for themselves if they've changed over time thats how people work if they have so much money as you say they can walk away anytime they have other proyects not just the gaming part of Game grumps they certenly can stop doing it if they want

  13. Game grumps for life and personally I don't care for Suzy and also proof please most of what your saying about Arin is nothing more then slander and its sad to see that it worked on some people and criticism that does have proof are so small that your making seem so big is as milipulitive as the way you frame Arin see you after the back street boys runiene tour you delesinul crybaby who is looking for away to get your big break to fame your so dirty I'm going to have to get my-car-ruba to clean you up and your just as sad as Hoshi and hey you don't have to hate you but you should and your dispicibel and all your freinds who are loyal and will stay by your side should get away from you

  14. I figured I'd head over to socialblade and check out the grumps for my own amusement. I noticed a very strange thing on their weekly subs once I hit the "see full monthly statistics" button. If someone more experienced with reading that site could go check it out and let me know if those 10000 subscriber spikes are just a projection or if they're actually real numbers, I'd appreciate it. If it's the former, it's nothing, if it's the latter it might be clear evidence of subscriber count inflation.

  15. This is really vilifying holy fuck. Literally making money off of talking shit on other YouTubers. Quite hypocritical, lady. Fuck off.

  16. This is mean. I got made fun of like this all the time when I made cartoons and it fucking sucked. It didn’t give me a thick skin or make me a better artist or make me think more about what I was doing, it just hurt.
    -Some Retard

  17. I came across a video talking about the Sr Pelo debacle and was shocked and withheld judgement until I found more information and hoooo boy, I cannot look at Game Grumps the same way anymore. I used to love watching and after seeing all the slimy actions and business decisions and almost no controversy over it publicly, It’s absolutely sickening.

  18. FINALLY! A video that talks about ALL the shady shit GG has done, especially Suzy! Good on you for speaking on it, it's so annoying when people come to their defense like all these claims are false when there's countless amounts of PROOF of the shady petty shit they've done.

  19. I know I'm kind of late to the party now but I love this video. It covers everything I believe to be important in a very respectful yet straightforward way. I watched game grumps all throughout high school and I loved them dearly. However, for the past year I've stopped watching completely(I'm a junior in college now), and not because of what's been covered in this video but just because they've become so stale, PC, and unfunny. Other than the Sr Pelo thing, I had no idea everything else was going on. Very heartbroken to see this happen to people I care about. I'm glad I've moved over to Oneyplays, cause not once from that channel was I ever preached to, made to feel guilty, or haven't laughed with. To anyone that comes across this comment, it's so important to support the people who have the potential to genuinely make you a better person. Choose your role models wisely, and never blindly follow someone out of a sense of loyalty. Think for yourself.

  20. Guess I could've just went to twitter to read these myself to read these in a non-annoying voice (edit: super mean and i shouldn't have commented this). What a waste of time. Just because a human being interpreted something that was making fun of animators as mean. Get a life please (also mean and holds no wieght because you are probably doing productive things in your life)

  21. Oh yeah you REALLY wanna the kinda DIRTBAG Suzy and Arin are?!?
    Look up what happened with the artist of Pollygrumls and how Arin used to not care until Suzy threw a fit about it and Arin even went so far to threaten LEGAL ACTION AGAINST HIM!

  22. #1 Danny IS funnier
    #2 Suzy IS a scammer
    #3 Arin needs to grow the fuck up

  23. Oh jeez. You might have to make a Part 3. Grumps toxic fanbase is starting to go after Dan over hooking up with Kati and her making a #MeToo experience after an artistic play she's made. Dan is not in the wrong for consenting with her like adults, but Reddit is trying to say that Dan is disrespectful for "ghosting" on Kati. I found this out on r/RantGrumps and they're not being nice. Seen a couple of texts and he seems genuine and nice in text and facebook format. They likened him to a CHEATING SPOUSE over a casual hookup.

  24. I accidentally clicked on this video, kept watching expecting something serious to be talked about….. And of course, it was pandering milking, so much so she actually wastes time keeping the cat footage in…. 😒 moving on.

  25. Loved the video. Good concise points. I know it's old, but damn if I haven't felt the same way about GG for a long time now.


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