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Artist: Alexandru Isaila

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  1. Look up "Creative Station incubus". This is a copy and not his original work. I respect I was the inspiration, but changing 2 elements doesn't make the design yours.

  2. Something worth remembering when watching this channel is that they showcase many artists with varying degrees of skill and talent. Not everything is going to be everyone's taste.
    Just try to take something away from it, whether it be inspiration to create something similar or something better.
    Some may find techniques they would like to employ (learning from other's success), while others may find techniques they would like to avoid (learning from other's mistakes). It's just a matter of perspective.

  3. Thank you guys so much for the kind words and support!
    You have no idea how much this means to me,and many thanks for Creative Station for uploading my art.

  4. Very nice video dude. One day i want be also good like you , probs.
    I also make speedarts on this YouTube chanell. Can you rate pls?

  5. Nearly the same thing shared in Creative Station and that one was pretty better than this sh*t. I realised that Creative Station is going down in these days. Shame.


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