Wonder Woman Photoshop Tutorial: Part 1/5


Check out the finished piece here:

This series of videos will give you some insight into my basic workflow in Photoshop. Follow along as I use an array of stock photos to photo-bash together some Woman Woman art.

I apologize for any awkward editing. This was really the first time I’ve attempted any sort of video editing. Also note that the version of Photoshop I’m on here is a several years old. However, the tools I’m using are pretty basic and haven’t changed much in the newer versions.


Stock photos downloaded from Shutterstock.com

Nguồn: https://milchreis.org/

Xem thêm bài viết khác: https://milchreis.org/cong-nghe/


  1. Why do you use the pen tool.instead of lasso? The wand also works well for removal of background imo (as long as its all one color) Big fan btw love your manips 🙂

  2. Will there be more tutorial? I want to do what you do but there are not many tutorials out there like this. The only other person i know that does anything like this is kevincarden from gumroad. I've bought a few of his tutorial and i hope you make more so i can study your process as well. I need all the training i can get lol

  3. Been a fan for so many years i'm so glad you made a video =D Can i give you a tip for the brush tool?
    Hold "Alt" when you're using the brush tool to quickly get the eyedropper tool

  4. What is the name of the woman you use in the photos? I want to google 2 C more pix =) N E 1 let me know @ 'balkanguy2 at live dawt kom' (spam filter = figure it out).

  5. So you're the guy behind those amazing pieces

    thank you very much you inspired me to do manipulations and i fell in love with it

  6. Thanks so much for this. Been a fan and follower for years and have wanted this from your first piece. Now, if I could just pay more attention to the actual tutorial and not the cute guy in the corner. 😉

  7. So glad you finally made this! Your stuff has really made me want to learn how to do this, any tips on how to get started? also you look like zack snyder lol

  8. Amazing, been a fan for many years….always wanted to know how you made them look so good, should definately do more videos in the future. Very engaging and interesting to watch.

  9. This was long overdue! I'm a fan of your work, and this is a huge treat! Thank you for taking the time and sharing your skills with us mortals!

  10. Been a fan for a while now and never thought in asking, so these videos are ever so excellent. I thank you for sharing your art piece and how you make them.


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