Worst Ever: Game.com – Rerez


You won’t believe what bad video games you’ll find on Tiger Electronics’ forgotten Game.com console.

0:00 – A Brief History of Tiger Electronics!
1:45 – Introducing Game.com
3:46 – Hardware Features & Controls
5:42 – The Game Library
7:13 – Lights Out
7:34 – Tiger Casino
8:15 – Henry
8:38 – Quiz Wiz
9:55 – Jeopardy & Wheel of Fortune
10:29 – Scrabble & Monopoly
11:17 – Centipede & Frogger
11:46 – Williams Arcade Classics
12:31 – Indy 500
13:39 – Batman & Robin
14:47 – Mortal Kombat Trilogy
15:28 – Fighters Megamix
15:56 – The Lost World: Jurassic Park
17:29 – Resident Evil 2
19:24 – Duke Nukem 3D
21:53 – Sonic Jam
24:01 – The End of Game.com

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  1. In an alternate universe, a man from the medieval times travels in time and murders the man that made Tiger electronics and WW1 or 2 don't happen, and all crime is erased from existence.

  2. I have fond memories of the casino games in New Super Mario Bros. They used fake money, but it was fun because Nintendo Polish and charm. Plus, Luigi was the dealer, instead of a random T-Rex

  3. If they really wanted to created a competent device, this would have worked great for things like tbs or city management. Their catering to "main stream" was the down fall.

  4. I kinda like the RE2 port, because of how they tried their best to actually port the game instead of remaking it (such as Duke 3D on GBC, or many other 3D games that were ported to the GBC) under the extreme limitations of the console, and I think it looks rather nice with this grayscale style, kinda like something made with pencil and paper, although the graphics themselves are terrible, I just like the style. It's impressive, but still sucks. A better example would be RE1 on GBC, which is also impressive and way better than this behemoth of a port.

  5. This is Nerd City for bootleg game consoles
    Or is Nerd City Rerez for bad content creators
    Either way I love this

  6. When Tiger made this thing, they were under the delusion that people WERE OKAY with non-backlit consoles.
    If anything, people TOLERATED the LCD Tiger handhelds

  7. a few days ago, while visiting a "goodwill" store, which sells only donated stuff, i saw a Tiger game that appeared to have a tiny light gun.
    which means someone either bought it or received it as a gift, and donated it WITHOUT EVER OPENING IT.
    Goodwill wanted $10 for it. i passed it up, and bought a copy of "empire earth 3" for $3.

  8. I'd honestly rather play Batman and Robin on ps1 and Duke nukem forever than play Batman and Robin game. com and Duke nukem 3d on game. com

  9. I'm surprised Sega was willing to let Sonic onto the system, given Sega was still in the hardware business then.


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